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Originating from the cold and darkness of Sweden, tested in the roughest archipelago there is. Kraka is designed and developed to the highest level of detail, for operational work in critical and challenging situations at sea – where silence, low profile, accessibility, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success.

Because if you’re not going to compromise on how you get out there and get after it, why should the equipment you use?


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Areas of

Discover a game-changing asset. Kraka Jet Board fills the gap where other small floating devices fail, due to shape, loading capacity, draft or noise.

  1. 01

    Stay undetected with our custom infrared thermal cloak.

  2. 02

    Use for beaching or extraction

  3. 03

    K-9 support platform

  4. 04

    Quickly launched from larger vessels, vehicles, helicopters or aircraft. Photo from Tandem Barrel Jump in US.

  5. 05

    Transport quads or snowmobiles over rivers, lakes or other confined waters.

  6. 06

    Quiet, dry and safe transportation of men and equipment, in shallow or unknown waters. Easy to carry over obstacles. Protective net over the jet protects the vital components.

  7. 07

    Hide in an underwater cache for discreet extraction.

  8. 08

    Kraka has unmanned operation capacity with various sensor systems. The system is modular with the standard Kraka Military Spec.

  9. 09

    Deflate the board and carry it through terrain.

  10. 09

    Covert insertions from RIB or mother vessels, or as silent and tactical boarding platform. REBS launcher featured in photo.

  11. 10

    Transportation of goods. Sneak silently, and throttle up if and when it's needed.

  12. 11

    Tow as a raft behind TWCs or CRRCs for extra loading capacity, benefit of having redundancy with two powered platforms.

  13. 12

    Use as an over-watch or fire support platform.

  14. 13

    Means of transport and a solid and dry base for combat divers.

  15. 14

    Standard range on one battery approx. 10km. Battery pack can easily be swapped at sea for double or even triple range.

  16. 15

    Quickly launched from cars for either quick and/or silent insertion in urban waters.

  17. 16

    Quick seaborne extraction of men or casualities.

  18. 17

    Can be fitted with surveillance equipment and sensors for intelligence gathering.

  19. 18

    Operational within seconds for use in harbours or around larger ships

Three Sizes – Different Areas of Use

Engine and Battery Pack

Kraka was essentially developed with one key factor in mind: engine reliability. The result, a 15 kW brush-less electric motor capable of operating both quietly and at low speeds but at the same time deliver the torque needed to carry heavy loads at speed. A precision-machined impeller and housing parts ensure maximized efficiency. Watertight seals, together with the water the board rides on, eliminates the need for any internal coolants, minimizing maintenance. Float quietly on the water surface or let Kraka flex the muscles when you need to transport heavy loads at speed. The exchangeable battery pack is also designed to meet demanding requirements in critical situations.


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The Jet Board that totally changes your maritime capability.

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Work Undetected

Monitoring and collection of intelligence often require on-site operations. In cities and inaccessible areas, waterways tend to be preferred routes. Here, the Kraka Jet Board can be used to sneak along quaysides, through harbours, under piers, along rivers and over other shallow or unknown waters. Reach your goal rested, safely and dry, and with all your equipment.


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Travel through Altitudes

Kraka Jet Board won’t only give you a stealth ride at surface level. She is ready for air drops and cache down to 26 meter under water.

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Ready within a minute

The SWORD Multi-Mission Tandem / Airdrop Barrel System provides a safe touch down in water. Then, Kraka will be ready to take off in less than one minute after touch-down in water.

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Our range of Accessories

Imagine a secret weapon. Configure Kraka to suit your requirements and stay ahead of your competitors.


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  1. Transport Case

    Safely transport your Kraka Jet Board by boat or vehicle to the destinantion, and she will return the favour, for example as an effective and sturdy multifunctional platform. Kraka can also be used as a drone.

  2. Pumps

    Electric portable high pressure pump or manual mil spec hand pump – inflation in every situation.

  3. Extra battery

    Double your safety and avoid worrying when unexpected obstacles arise. The battery pack can easily be swapped at sea. Travel up to 10 km range per battery, depending on speed, load etcetera.

3 models in different sizes
18 knots maximum speed
600 kilos maximum payload
10 meters drop height from helicopters
50 kilometers remote steering control without satellite connection
20 Kraka boards can be slaved to the same droning system

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Stay under the Radar

Extraction of men behind enemy lines are dangerous but sometime necessary operations. Kraka Jet Board will help carry out those missions undetected.

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