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SOAL Marine, the people behind Kraka, have a solid military background and a thorough understanding and insight into what is required of both personnel and equipment when the situation is serious. They are also very aware that a solution is not suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, the possibilities to adapt and equip Kraka are extensive.


Kraka comes with optional extra gear, including extra battery packs, programmable inflator, and towing bridles. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions as more accessories are available upon request.

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  1. Transport case

    Manufactured using welded HDPE. Carries complete Kraka board and equipment for easy transport on boats and vehicles, including optional integrated launch and recovery system.

  2. Pumps

    Electric portable high pressure pump or manual mil spec hand pump.

  3. Extra battery

    Increase your range with an extra battery pack, can be swapped at sea.

  4. Carrying system

    Customized military spec carrier system.

  5. Dive bag

    Submerge Kraka down to 26 meters

  6. Spare parts for engine and jet

    Any part on the drive unit is replaceable and can be ordered separately.

  7. Repair kits

    Repair kits are available for the Hypalon board and the drive unit.

  8. Dive bottles

    Quickly inflate the Kraka board using light weight carbon dive bottles. Separate dive bottle holders available.

  9. Valves and connectors

    Programmable inflator or DIN-connectors available to match the dive bottles and inflation valves on board.

  10. Programmable inflator

    Electronic programmable inflator – modes include time, depth, water activation, manual or a combination of two modes.

  11. Launch & recovery

    Quick launch and recovery systems available.

  12. Beacon for aidrops

    Track Kraka during airdrop.

  13. Airdrop system

    Pack Kraka in a barrel and jump in tandem or freefall.

  14. Caching system

    Submerge Kraka to two meters (down to ten meters with special caching valves on board and battery).

  15. Towing bridle

    Tow Kraka behind jet ski or boats at high speed and/or with heavy load.

  16. Battery charger case

    Watertight hard case for transport and storage of charger

Do you want more information?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about how Kraka Jet Board can optimize and renew your work.