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SOAL Marine, the people behind Kraka, have a solid military background and a thorough understanding and insight into what is required of both personnel and equipment when the situation is serious. They are also very aware that a solution is not suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, the possibilities to adapt and equip Kraka are extensive.

Air Drop

The SWORD Multi-Mission Tandem / Airdrop Barrel System is designed to support multiple configurations for deployment from many military and commercial cargo aircraft. The system incorporates a patented lid design that supports aerial deployment.

Innovation and Efficiency

All efforts and innovation have traditionally been spent on what attaches north or skyward of the load connection point, the parachute system, and rigging.

This barrel system decreases bundle build and packing time, allows on board loading over the objective, has a watertight container which protects the payload during the impact phases of delivery and can be deployed in all of the required airdrop configurations. It decreases exit and opening shock preventing injury to the jumper and/or system and provides a safe, intuitive system that packs and performs the same from exit to impact.

Quickly Ready for Take off

Kraka will be ready to take off one minute after touch-down in water.

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