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SOAL Marine, the people behind Kraka, have a solid military background and a thorough understanding and insight into what is required of both personnel and equipment when the situation is serious. They are also very aware that a solution is not suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, the possibilities to adapt and equip Kraka are extensive.

Cache System

By opening Kraka’s cache valves in the bow, the board is quickly deflated. While the board is deflating the drive unit fills with water, leaving the battery weight to sink Kraka to a depth of two meters. With a diving bag, Kraka can be lowered down to 26 meters.

The Detail of Control

Thanks to the advanced and versatile Hammar® COR electronic inflator, you can preset when Kraka should be reinflated to suit your mission. The electronic trigger is completely autonomous and can act on time, depth, contact with water, manually or on a combination of those.

Safe, Fast and Reliable

When inflation conditions are met, the COR inflator sends an electronic signal to the cylinder face and ignites a small explosive charge for a safe, fast and reliable inflation. The patented explosive technology means that cold temperatures – a risk for many systems – are no issue with the COR.

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