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SOAL Marine, the people behind Kraka, have a solid military background and a thorough understanding and insight into what is required of both personnel and equipment when the situation is serious. They are also very aware that a solution is not suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, the possibilities to adapt and equip Kraka are extensive.


Regardless of the system you need to transport, Kraka is an effective and safe multifunctional platform. Thanks to her ability to uplink and work as a drone, Kraka can monitor and protect any area you don’t want to put your men or goods into.

  1. Sensor Platform

    Falcon dynamics, portable and modular gyro-stabilised sensor platform.

  2. Remote Control

    Remote control for UAV platform, recharging, start & landing.

  3. Situational awareness

    Falcon dynamics portable and modular gyro-stabilized sensor platform, together with Kraka, provides excellent situational awareness and minimizing exposure of human personnel.

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