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SOAL Lab is our hub for creating and innovating cutting-edge maritime products and services. We combine curiosity, competence and innovation with the goal to let users reach beyond previous limitations.

G7 – Spectre Training Boat

Having spent our lives on water with the dream to one day build our own boat, we decided to create a platform ideal for hosting our Spectre Marine training courses.


LOA: 11.8 meter

Container transportable: Yes, 40ft

Hull: Vacuum infused carbon fibre

Top speed: 60+ knots

Kraka Rescue SAR-125

We designed Kraka SAR-125 in discussions former PJs. It is designed for advanced rescue and recovery operations. The rescuers can quickly manoeuvre Kraka and assist while waiting for salvage to rescue vessels or helicopters.


Kraka SAR-125 is different to SAR 250/400/600. Kraka SAR-125 does not carry an inflatable board and is designed for one person riding and with optional towing capabilities.

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North Sea Drones – Surface Surveillance

Aerial surveillance of surface activities during both daylight and darkness, in a typical worldwide military operating conditions, providing NATO compliant interoperability. Compatible with Kraka for launch and recovery.

Kraka Autonomous Drive

In the works…Kraka Autonomous Drive with various sensor systems is being developed for launch at DSEi in September 2021. The system will be modular with the standard Kraka Military Spec.

Technical partners is SWORD International and Falcon Dynamics.

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SOAL Lab is part of SOAL Marine group. We offer cutting-edge maritime products and services. We combine competence and innovation in a way that reaches beyond ordinary horizons.


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