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Specialist Training

Spectre Marine offers a broad range of high-speed craft training at sea and related applications such as realistic exercises with helicopters and the repair and maintenance of engines. And much more.

Introduction sheet

  1. 001 – Stealth Mode Navigation

    The use of navigational aids has revolutionised the marine world. They are a true asset to all personnel being active in the field of marine activities.

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  2. 002 - Dynamic Navigation

    This is a qualified practical training programme in navigation methods and helmsmanship.

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  3. 003 - Interception and boarding at sea

    Our training will provide live Operational Boarding teams with guidelines for the training, organisation, equipment and preparations required for all Boarding Operations, to meet the demands of National Security policy. All teams should be prepared for any level of Boarding Operation at any given time.

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  4. 004 - Familiarisation training course

    Spectre will provide you with expertise needed to understand the life cycle of the vessel, total life cycle costs and how to minimize operational risks for personnel. All of the above mentioned aspects are crucial when procuring new vessels or retro-fitting already existing vessels for professional users.

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  5. 005 - Marine and small engine repair programmes

    The marine and small engine repair programmes provide training and hands-on experience with inboard, outboard and small engines. You learn how to perform various maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

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  6. 006 - Shipboard launch and recovery

    Launch and Recovery boat operations are among the most dangerous activities conducted in the open sea. Many boat mishaps occur during the launch or recovery phase. Mishaps have caused serious injuries to boat crew personnel and members of the boat launch and recovery detail. These mishaps have cost the operating companies thousands of dollars in repairs and man hours.

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  7. 007 - Sea-to-air operation

    The Sea-to-Air Operations course is based on the interaction between the HSC crew and the helicopter crew. You will learn to communicate effectively and develop your skills and ability to perform different missions including roping, rescuing people in the water and searching for vessels.

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  8. 008 - Drone from boat operations

    Using unmanned aircraft in high speed waterborne missions demands exceptional skills.

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  9. 009 - Search and rescue

    The overall aim of this advanced course is to teach safe navigation and high speed operations in difficult conditions such as darkness and/or low visibility.

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  10. 010 - Offshore training programmes

    Offshore activities are always associated with major investments, hard deadlines, dangerous environments and complicated logistics. Safe and efficient operations depend directly on personnel and their skills and equipment.

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Reaching the highest levels of specialization in any maritime activity places extra demands on the standard of equipment, training areas and surroundings. Spectre Marine has access to the most advanced boats, the world’s best instructors and its own training camps in far-flung places around the world.

  1. Camp Spectre

    Spectre Marine’s training courses are reality-based and centred around practical exercises in realistic situations. In order to offer outstanding conditions, Spectre Marine has set up fixed training camps in different places around the world.

  2. Camp Sweden

    A tough, windy and cold training facility in the swedish archipelago.

  3. Camp Indonesia

    A training course with extraordinary currents and waves, in the waters of Java.