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Familiarisation Training Course

Spectre will provide you with expertise needed to understand the life cycle of the vessel, total life cycle costs and how to minimize operational risks for personnel. All of the above mentioned aspects are crucial when procuring new vessels or retro-fitting already existing vessels for professional users.

This course is suited for boat builders who aim to create an additional value to their products, providing their customers with knowledge about the products and their advantages. This course is also suitable for all governmental services and authorities as well as private commercial customers, who are in the process of procuring high speed craft or other similar type vessels.

The philosophy behind the content of a course like this is obvious: understanding the vessel, its design, advantages and weaknesses will make you a better and more cost efficient end-user, increasing operational capabilities dramatically.


Spectre’s familiarisation course is a practical training programme, adapted for customers’ needs and areas of operations, combining practical and theoretical subjects and allowing an efficient familiarization process. Amongst practical subjects, customers can choose to add training such as navigation methods and driving techniques.

The purpose of this training is to provide participants with knowledge and practical skills in order to increase the life cycle of the vessel and optimize costs associated with maintenance. The goal of the training is to provide operators and the commander of fast vessels with a practical toolbox, containing methods and techniques which allow further improvement and a platform, from which the course participants can develop further in their professional role. This is done with focus on judgement, safety and seamanship.


The safety aspect is paramount at sea. In high-speed contexts, the risks directly correlate to the judgement of the commander. The course starts with this specific issue and it will be the main focus throughout the course. By studying real cases the participants will be motivated to always assess situations carefully.


This part includes a theoretical walkthrough of the methodology which is later tried and practiced in the boat with support of the instructors. We focus on the ability to navigate at high speed in a collaborative way with maintained safety, at the same time giving a structure to the crew to work proactively assessing potential threats.

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