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Interception and boarding at sea

Our training will provide live Operational Boarding teams with guidelines for the training, organisation, equipment and preparations required for all Boarding Operations, to meet the demands of National Security policy. All teams should be prepared for any level of Boarding Operation at any given time.

Overtly or Covertly Visiting a vessel of Interest at sea be it a Compliant Boarding or Hostage Rescue Boarding with a possible High Value threat will always be one of the most dangerous and unknown arena’s a security force will enter.

As with all unknown and sometimes tactical covert operations, no two boarding’s will be identical but the general pattern of any boarding will follow a relatively chronological sequence, therefore we have created a set of Vessel of Interest Boarding Phases, so the operational team be it SF or Regular Forces will always be able to follow the detailed plans made.

Our Professional understanding and training experience in this field of expertise will allow us to lead you through all phases of a boarding, with each and every team member knowing all the phases within the operation and also all other tasks his team mates are to carry out:

– What authority we have to board and where this clearance has come from.

– A full understanding of all the preparation the whole team is needing to carry out in order for the Operation to be a success.

– Have an awareness of the small craft to be used and the approach that will happen.

– How the team will embark the vessel of interest.

– Understand what tasks are to be carried out while embarked.

– What will the method of disembarkation be for end of Operation or emergency evacuation.

– They need to know that all information is to be noted throughout and passed during debrief if not passed during the Operation.

We will always continue to be fully up to date with all books of reference and publications dealing in Boarding Suspect Vessels of Interest so our training will always be delivered professionally and with the most current skills and techniques recommended and used.

Our Training team has experience at all levels of Vessel of Interest Boardings be it Compliant or Non-compliant so all organisations at all levels can use us.

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