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Shipboard Launch And Recovery

Launch and Recovery boat operations are among the most dangerous activities conducted in the open sea. Many boat mishaps occur during the launch or recovery phase. Mishaps have caused serious injuries to boat crew personnel and members of the boat launch and recovery detail. These mishaps have cost the operating companies thousands of dollars in repairs and man hours.

This course establishes standard procedures and assigns duties and responsibilities for the safe launch and recovery of all boats carried aboard. Many of these mishaps are preventable through standardisation of launch and recovery procedures and the practice of judicious seamanship. Spectre will, together with the customer, deliver a manual and also a training program which both target policy and procedures for the launch and recovery of any type of boat.

All Spectre Marine’s courses are customized with regards to language, boats and subjects. This provides the client with greater flexibility and enables them to customize their courses according to their requirements and needs. This degree of flexibility is a consequence of the great diversity in special competences among our trainers and also the multitude of countries we have been training. You tell us your special needs and we will provide you with the relevant training.


Spectre Marine has developed offers in different areas of specialized training.

  • Procedures for the entire crew
  • Boarding
  • Davit operator
  • Mother vessel
  • Officers-in-charge
  • HSC and Maintenance

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