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Spectre Marine’s training courses are reality-based and centred around practical exercises in realistic situations. In order to offer outstanding conditions, Spectre Marine has two fixed training camps, selected on the basis of the areas’ unique training settings; the island of Tjörn off the west coast of Sweden and Java in Indonesia.

We have plans to establish further installations in the future, but for the time being we make use of our ability to set up temporary camps whenever appropriate considering the customer’s requirements and the nature of the training assignment.

“The natural setting, climate and culture differ greatly between the various places. Our specialist training programmes include so much more than being a helmsman, they address such things as logistics, service and safety,” says Andreas Isaksson, CEO.

The majority of Spectre Marine’s instructors have military backgrounds and are engaged on a project basis. They are part of a worldwide network of specialists hand-picked for each individual training assignment. A major part of the courses focus on helmsmanship and navigation in the dark and difficult weather conditions. There’s no room for doubt on an urgent mission.

A helmsman’s expertise must be second nature if he is to safely control a high-speed craft. All training follows the company’s watchwords: safety, judgement and seamanship. Sometimes local knowledge is an advantage for operators. On other occasions it’s important to train in unknown areas and unfamiliar conditions. Many organisations are set up for assignments in other countries.

“There is a great advantage in being skilled in navigating unknown waters and able to cope with the unexpected in critical situations,” says Andreas Isaksson. Spectre Marine has a number of its own craft at its disposal, and also collaborates with various authorities and organisations to find suitable vessels and other equipment for the programmes concerned.

Our clients often prefer us to work with their own craft. And it’s not unusual that the customer is preparing to order new vessels, but has not yet decided precisely which kind. Spectre Marine can put together a course with a number of different types of vessel to allow crews to test them in realistic situations. This provides excellent decision support data for the customer.

“Many of our clients have stringent requirements for discretion. Spectre Marine is very careful to guarantee anonymity and secrecy. Our mission is to provide know­ledge about how to operate safely at sea,” says Andreas Isaksson.

Camp Sweden

A tough, windy and cold training facility in the swedish archipelago.

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Camp Indonesia

A training course with extraordinary currents and waves, in the waters of Java.

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