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The Swedish west coast frequently offers tough, windy cold weather. The winters are dark and conditions at sea often difficult. What’s more, Tjörn is part of an archipelago in an area with a great deal of shipping and leisure traffic. These circumstances demand high standards of navigation at high speed.

The coastal environment and climate conditions not only create an excellent training area for Nordic countries, but also for the rest of northern Europe, North America and even China and other Asian countries.

On Tjörn, Spectre Marine has two self-catering houses at its disposal. The houses are in a secluded spot, close to the shore. We also have access to an old military wharf and dock nearby. We are left perfectly alone during training and do everything together. This collaboration strengthens team spirit and provides plenty of opportunities for reflection and discussion – training does not stop when we step ashore in the evening, but carries on round-the-clock throughout the course.

However, during courses that last multiple weeks many choose to stay in Gothenburg – Sweden’s second biggest city – over the weekends. A short stay in a hotel can be a welcome break that helps teams cope with the intensive training.

In Sweden, Spectre Marine often collaborates with other organisations, who have access to such things as helicopters and drones, and they jump at the chance of realistic exercises. Joint training provides an excellent exchange that strengthens the skills of both organisations.

Spectre Marine’s training courses are reality-based and centred around practical exercises in realistic situations. In order to offer outstanding conditions, Spectre Marine has two fixed training camps, selected on the basis of the areas’ unique training settings; the island of Tjörn off the west coast of Sweden, Java in Indonesia and Mozambique in Africa.

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