Some Fear Change.
Others Drive It.

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The tactical jet board
that totally changes
your maritime capability 

Kraka upgrades your ability in how you operate – when silence, low profile, accessibility, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success. Kraka fills the gap where other small floating devices fail due to shape, loading capacity, draft, or noise.

Easy in. Easy OUT.

She is modular, portable and easy to use – whether that means sinking her under water, transporting a quad or snowmobile in confined waters, unmanned autonomous mission sets, or simply extracting at speed.

Manned or Unmanned

Kraka Board can be operated manually, remotely or fully autonomously. Available with a wide variety of sensors and hardware options.

Last mile transport

Adapt your Kraka Board’s ability to different mission profiles. Kraka is at heart a modular platform that is easily set up for different tasks.

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