The market leader in advanced maritime training


Spectre Marine consists of a solid base of instructors with a wide experience, ranging from Non-standard Maritime Operations, High Speed Boat Operations, Assault Navigation, VBSS, and Engineering to Maintenance Training Programmes.

The majority of our customers return. Over the last 20 years, we have built up a “tool box” of know-hows on how to operate in different scenarios. Our trainings are dynamic and use the latest, and to us, most relevant, operating procedures.

Based on your input we will provide you with a training proposal. All courses are customized when it comes to language, vessels, subjects and location.

  • 4 Camps internationally

  • 41 instructors

  • Assignments in 34 coutries

  • Education in 7 languages

CAMPS by Spectre Marine

Reaching the highest levels of specialization in any maritime activity places extra demands on the standard of equipment, training areas and surroundings. SOAL Marine Group has access to advanced milspec boats, highly skilled instructors and its own training camps in far-flung places around the world.


Assault Navigation (adv. radar, silhouette nav, driving, tactical, etc.). Non-standard Maritime Operations (ie how to steal a boat, understanding of civilian vessels & behaving patterns, different crafts and their limits). High speed navigation and driving in extreme conditions. Boarding, interception and tactics. SAR courses. Patrolling, Escort and Maritime checkpoints HSC (high speed code). Maintenance. Public procurement specifications of high-speed crafts.