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Spectre launches new Camp in Spain

SOAL Marine Group and Offshore Special Services close an agreement to jointly develop the new TRAINING CAMP MEDITERRANEAN.


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We put the special in specialists

Sailors don’t pray for a following wind; they know how to sail. There’s a lot of truth in that wise old Swedish saying. But sailors have to know a lot more than just plain sailing.


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Specialist Training

Spectre Marine offers a broad range of high-speed craft training at sea and related applications such as realistic exercises with helicopters and reparation and maintenance of engines. And much more.


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Reaching the highest levels of specialization in any maritime activity places extra demands on the standard of equipment, training areas and surroundings. Spectre Marine has access to the most advanced boats, the world’s best instructors and its own training camps in far-flung places around the world.

  1. Training with us

    Spectre Marine’s training courses are reality-based and centred around practical exercises in realistic situations.

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  2. Camp Sweden

    A tough, windy and cold training facility in the Swedish archipelago.

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  3. Camp Indonesia

    A training course with extraordinary currents and waves, in the waters of Java.

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The cost of a good maintenance plan is nothing when compared with the cost of poor maintenance. Protecting your assets is our mission!

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Trinidad & Tobago

REFERENCE CASE: Up on the northwestern tip of Trinidad & Tobago, in Staubles Bay, Chaguaramas, lies one of the country’s two coast guard bases. Only separated by the narrow straits of Bocas del Dragón, you can see the northern point of the Venezuelan mainland from the premises. These are drug trafficking waters.

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