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SOAL Marine, the people behind Kraka, have a solid military background and a thorough understanding and insight into what is required of both personnel and equipment when the situation is serious. They are also very aware that a solution is not suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, the possibilities to adapt and equip Kraka are extensive.

Training Programs

To carry out advanced rescue operations and handle hostile situations, when time is short and there’s no room for uncertainty, takes a lot of skill. All training for Kraka clients is conducted by world-renowned Spectre Marine, Sweden.

Spectre Marine trains the best professionals there is at sea within military, governmental and SAR groups all over the world. With over 15 years of experience, our clients vary from Indonesian Kopaska to Icelandic SAR, Norwegian Delta and German special forces. We take pride in having returning clients and we always put great effort in custom made, flexible solutions to meet every clients unique demand and situation.

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  1. Course 1

    Familiarization and engineering course, two days. Giving you the skills to use Kraka in the best possible ways for your specific missions.

  2. Course 2

    Advanced engineering course, two days. Suitable for technical personnel, including Hypalon dropstitch repair training.

  3. Course 3

    Operational course, tailored for your specific needs. Includes simulated mission training, airdrop, underwater cache, launch & recovery from interceptor, night ops and much more.

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