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Kraka jet board increases any unit’s capacity to conduct successful operations in lakes, rivers, deltas, swamps, archipelagos, urban water areas, coastal waters and at sea. She is available in three different sizes, each one with special benefits for different areas of use, providing the end user with an unmatched and previously unattainable maritime capability for rescue, recovery and tactical insertion operations.

Kraka MIL 250
Kraka 250
220 X 122 centimeter, payload 250 kilo
Product Sheet

MIL Facts

Kraka board is designed and built to the highest level of detail, qualified for real life military situations when it comes to both capacity and reliability. 

Materials – Swedish Quality

The board is manufactured using a 20 cm thick CSM Hypalon coated dropstitch fabric and reinforced with an additional outer layer of 1500 gsm Hypalon, the topside uses a matt finish to reduce glare. 

Safety is the highest priority

Kraka has multiple safety sensors throughout the system, including fundamental features such as temperature monitoring and automatic system shutdown if the board is turned upside down. The magnetically-triggered power key (dead man’s grip function) ensures Kraka can’t speed off on its own, without the operator.

The ”take me home” button

When all else fails there is an emergency “take me home” button situated near the throttle, pressing this will let you override the software and/or completely drain the batteries to gain the extra range needed for a safe extraction.

Kraka is available in the following colours

Black, military grey or army green.

Service program 

Serviced by manufacturer or locally qualified personnel, spare parts included to support normal wear and tear for two years, including software updates.

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