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The cost of a good maintenance plan is nothing when compared with the cost of poor maintenance. Protecting your assets is our mission!

The Spectre engineering and maintenance programme offers training and hands-on experience with inboard, outboard and small marine engines. The students will not only learn how to perform maintenance and troubleshooting procedures related to various marine systems but specific knowledge of your assets.

The useful life of any vessel can be prolonged extensively when the crew applies the correct maintenance routine at every use. Spectre Marine provides specific checklists and routines tailor-made to your specific vessel and real-life situations. Together we analyse the situation and possible scenarios of malfunction or operational breakdowns.

Our program can be applied as specific training or as an on-site support function to ensure safe continuous operations.

All Spectre Marine’s courses are customised with regards to language, boats and subjects. This provides the client with greater flexibility and enables them to design their courses according to their requirements and needs. This degree of flexibility is a consequence of the great diversity in special competencies among our trainers and also the multitude of nationalities we have been training. You tell us your special needs and we will provide you with the relevant training.



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