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Camp Indonesia

The waters off of Java are extreme, with enormous differences in depth. This creates extraordinary conditions with unusual currents and waves. The surroundings also provide training areas that are truly challenging.

Indonesia is largely poor and still developing. For example, it’s not unusual for people to live in small boats that they moor in calm inlets to rest up and sleep. It’s precisely these waters that Spectre Marine’s customers wish to move around in at night. Operating safely at speed is therefore a navigational challenge that demands much of the helmsman.

Spectre Marine’s clients usually want course participants to get practical training in managing critical situations in realistic environments. This makes Java an excellent place both for local authorities and for those western organisations that are set up for assignments in the developing world. Incidents can occur without notice. For example, the authorities have a number of problems with smugglers of everything from petrol to cigarettes, but a situation could very well entail fishing lines that have come adrift and wrapped around a propeller or pure search and rescue assignments.

There is a permanent installation on Java that Spectre Marine leases for training courses. We have a well-established collaboration with local organisations and companies and have access to various types of craft depending on what is demanded and required for the training course concerned.

Spectre Marine’s training courses are reality-based and centred around practical exercises in realistic situations. In order to offer outstanding conditions, Spectre Marine has two fixed training camps, selected on the basis of the areas’ unique training settings; the island of Tjörn off the west coast of Sweden, Java in Indonesia and Mozambique in Africa.

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